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Hi Everybody, Our alert for Thursday is: Tanaris Power Holdings Inc. Ticker symbol: TPHX Last price: $0.19 Let’s take a quick look at the highlights; 1. They operate in an industry expected to grow from $5.7 billion to $24 billion over the next decade. 2. Their proprietary technology is up to 40% better than currently […]

Buy Sky Power Solutions

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3 Dec 2012

Hi Everybody, December is here, let’s make some money coming into the Christmas season. Since the sub pennies have been running we may as well stick with the hot hand. The fact that Obama was reelected will also help this sweet little number. Let’s get to it. Our alert for Monday is Sky Power Solutions, […]

Buy Li-ion Motors

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8 Mar 2012

Hi Everybody, Our alert for Thursday is Li-ion Motors Corp. (LIMO) and the stock closed Wednesday at 24 cents. Here’s some information to get you started: LIMO makes emission-free, all electric, high speed, long range automotive propulsion systems using the latest lithium-ion battery technology. In other words LIMO makes electric cars. Take a look at […]