Should you buy silver?

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22 Nov 2013

Silver has nowhere to go but up. And right now, silver is showing all the classic signs of a structural bull market. In fact, it’s getting ready for a parabolic move. That’s why, in a massive flight to safety, countries and individual investors alike are loading up… One report says: “Demand to buy silver amongst […]

What is a swing trade?

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22 Jun 2012

We have received quite a few questions regarding our swing trade ideas so we thought we would put together some answers to the most common questions. Q) What is a swing trade? A)  A swing trade is short term in nature typically lasting between days to a week. The goal is to capture $1 to […]

I would like to make a long term investment in a company that deals with fiber optics. Does anyone have any stock tips? i think fiber optics are going to be a huge advancement in communication. They are already building new homes with fiber optic wire in some places.

Each stock tip is from a different email address. This has being going on for months. How can I stop this moving target with worthless hype emails.

hey everyone im considering buying some washington mutual stock for cheap and then if the 700 billion dollar bailout plan is passed on friday the prices of the stocks will go up where i can sell it for more…what does everone think of this idea? also is there really gonna be a re-vote for the […]

My son is doing a school project, where he establishes an account and invests $100K. At the end of the semester, the person who has mad the most wins. Any tips on stocks to buy would be appreciated. I’m trying to encourage him to do research, but we have to make some purchases – he […]

im doing a stock project for school and i am having trouble getting a hang of this crazy market. so how am i going to make some freaking money? what stocks are strong? what stocks should i be short selling?

I want to invest in stock market with a certain amount so my money will replicate. I want someone knowledgable or some with expertise on stock market to help me with this.