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24 Sep 2015

H1 Everybody, Being found by potential customers on the internet is huge, right? Companies spend tens of billions a year to make this happen and Google the leader in the space has a market cap of over $400 billion themselves. We think it’s fair to say this sector is and will be a top performer […]

Hi Everybody, Blockchain is going to create a whole new class of billionaires over the next few years and we want to make sure our readers get their slice of the blockchain profit pie. Blockchain is a powerful technology that will profoundly change the digital world. Experts are gushing about its potential. For example, Marc […]

Buy Spiral Toys

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31 Jul 2015

Hi Everybody, We have a company you need to put some serious thought into right now if you’re ready to make some money. First start by watching this 1 minute 30 second video to get the story: Exciting right?  This company could have one of the biggest toys this holiday season, and as they […]


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1 Jul 2015

Hi Everybody, Our last tip traded up 25%. Nice job to those that booked their profits. Our next tip looks like it could be a big winner and put some cash in your pocket, so lets get right to it. Here’s a few company highlights; • 7.2 million in the bank. • 13.1 million in […]

Buy PharmaCyte Biotech

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29 Jun 2015

Hi Everybody, If you’ve traded OTC stocks for a while, you know biotechs tend to lead the sector and produce the largest gainers. Everyday there’s a new biotech running, creating profit opportunities for savvy traders. With this in mind we found a nice looking biotech, that has proven to be a winner in the past. […]

Buy Cybergy Holdings

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17 Jun 2015

Hi Everybody, We have an alert you need to see to believe, a stock which has an EPS of over $5 per share and is trading at 44 cents! To put that in perspective most stocks trade at a multiple of their EPS, which is called the “P/E ratio”. On the Russell 2000 small cap […]

Hi Everybody, Online travel is huge right? The internet has forever changed the way people make flight and hotel reservations. The big boys in the online travel industry are snapping up small regional player’s like Trivago and Agoda which puts our alert for Monday right in the cross hairs of these corporate hunters looking for […]

Hi Everybody, Our alert for Thursday is: Tanaris Power Holdings Inc. Ticker symbol: TPHX Last price: $0.19 Let’s take a quick look at the highlights; 1. They operate in an industry expected to grow from $5.7 billion to $24 billion over the next decade. 2. Their proprietary technology is up to 40% better than currently […]

Buy Cybergy Holdings

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19 May 2015

Hi Everybody, Our alert for Monday is: Cybergy Holdings, Inc. Ticker symbol: CYBG Last price: $1.32 Fast Facts • This company has approximately 100 employees in 3 divisions • 2014 revenue $32 million • They plan on uplisting to Nasdaq which requires a $4 stock price. Cybergy Holdings, Inc. provides cyber security, smart grid technologies […]

Buy GrowBLOX Sciences

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13 May 2015

Hi Everybody, Our alert for Wednesday is: GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc. Ticker symbol: GBLX Last price: $0.37 GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc. GBLX is a biopharmaceutical research and development company. GBLX produces a technology called the “GrowBLOX”. The GrowBLOX is a new technology for marijuana growers. GBLX’s GrowBLOX enables each plant to produce from 1 to 1½ pounds […]