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Buy NHale – Again!

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5 Mar 2015

Hi Everybody, We hope you managed to get on to yesterdays alert. VTEQD opened at .033 then traded to a high of .075 for a 127% price gain. Let’s move on to another opportunity we’ve been following, it looks positioned for its next move. Remember NHLE our pick from last week? That stock traded up […]

Buy VeriTeQ

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4 Mar 2015

Hi Everybody, Our alert for Wednesday looks amazing. We think we found a real gem here, the stock appears to be extremely undervalued based on recent news and traders taking positions at these levels will see tremendous upside. Highlights: • This company is a medical device company with FDA approved products. • The US government […]

Buy NHale

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24 Feb 2015

Hi Everybody, Monday’s alert gained 33%, and our alert for Tuesday has the potential for big gains too, so let’s get right to it. Highlights: • This company is a medical marijuana company. • They are actively seeking acquisitions. Our alert for Tuesday is: NHale, Inc. Ticker symbol: NHLE Last price: 11.8 cents NHLE acquires […]

Buy NHale

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22 Dec 2014

Hi Everybody, When it comes to the stock market we all know one thing: Big news leads to big profits With this in mind, lets get right to the highlights for Monday’s alert because this company has more good news than Santa has presents. These three MAJOR announcements all came last week: 1. The Federal […]

Hi Everybody, Our alert for Monday is: Wee-Cig International Symbol: WCIG Last trade: .04 The Basics • WCIG is a provider of specialty THC delivery systems for the medical and recreational marijuana market. • WCIG’s specialty line products puts WCIG in a position to grow at very aggressive rates and attract investors. • WCIG is […]

Buy Groupe Athena

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28 Jul 2014

Hi Everybody, If you have been waiting for the perfect chance to make some serious money, this may be it. Our alert for Monday is: Groupe Athena, Inc. Symbol: GATA Last trade: 28 cents GATA is a pharmaceutical and medical consultancy company that helps Indian and South-East Asian companies looking to sell their products to […]

Buy Lexaria

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28 May 2014

Hi Everybody, Last Friday’s alert, DRMC, made a nice run today up 105% from our alert price! Let’s get right to our next alert. This company just kicked off a long term investor outreach campaign so we expect the stock to trade higher as more people find out about it. Our alert for Wednesday is: […]

Buy Therapy Cells

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22 May 2014

Hi Everybody, If you could pay $1 for something worth $30, would you buy it? What if that $30 something could really be worth $300? Would you buy it? If you said, DUH, of course I would, then you are going to love our alert for Thursday. Our alert for Thursday is: Therapy Cells, Inc. […]

Buy Pazoo

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1 May 2014

Hi Everybody, Our alert for Thursday looks sweet. Here are the highlights: • It’s a medical marijuana play. • The company is growing and has had some solid news. • It’s a 4 cent stock so every penny move means BIG gains. • The technical indicators say buy. • The marijuana sector is bouncing. Thursday’s […]

Buy Extreme BioDiesel

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4 Mar 2014

Hi Everybody, In case you’ve been under a rock for the last 6 months, marijuana stocks are ON FIRE! Remember PLPL? Our marijuana alert from last year? It went from 5 cents to over $3 dollars for a price gain of 6,000%! Well our alert for Tuesday is another 5 cent MJ play, so if […]