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24 Sep 2015

H1 Everybody, Being found by potential customers on the internet is huge, right? Companies spend tens of billions a year to make this happen and Google the leader in the space has a market cap of over $400 billion themselves. We think it’s fair to say this sector is and will be a top performer […]

Buy IL2M International

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30 Jul 2014

Hi Everybody, Our last alert traded up 35.3% at the high. Let’s get right to our next one. This company is in a super hot market and their stock price is cheap, so there may be some great gains to be had as traders start to jump on it. Do you know what these are? […]

Buy Media Analytics

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16 Jul 2014

Hi Everybody, Tuesday’s alert traded big volume and was up 12% early in the session. Keep an eye on it as it continues to develop. Everything looks just like it should. Wednesday’s alert looks like a money maker so let’s get right to it. • This stock screams bounce play. • Big growth industry, social […]

Buy DNA Dynamics

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13 May 2013

Hi Everybody, Our last 3 alerts were up 60%, 100% and 66% respectively at their highs. If you remember, the main thing all of last week’s alerts had in common was they were priced at a penny or below, and were set to receive a large awareness campaign putting them in front of millions of […]

Buy W Technologies

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7 Dec 2012

Hi Everybody, Its been a good week here so far. Monday’s alert was up as high as 70% this week. Before we leave for the weekend, and get ready to wait in long lines for Christmas gifts, we wanted to show you one more exciting opportunity that should help end the week on a high […]

Buy Bitzio

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6 Nov 2012

Hi Everybody, Our alert for Tuesday traded HUGE volume today which may be a sign of things to come. In addition things look interesting from the technical side as well. Let’s get to it. Our alert for Tuesday is Bitzio, Inc., BTZO. The stock closed Monday at 24 cents. BTZO develops mobile media and apps […]

Buy iTrackr Systems

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5 Mar 2012

Hi Everybody, We’re really excited about today’s alert. So let’s get right into it. It seems like all we hear about nowadays is Social Media in the Stock Market. It’s every where you turn, Yelp, Groupon, Facebook. Social Media sites are taking Wall Street by storm. As luck would have it, in a market hungry […]