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25 Jul 2013

Hi Everybody,

Noticeably, we haven’t been as active in bringing you alerts, as we just didn’t see many good opportunities out there. But this week it looks like things are turning around, as we’ve seen a few winners, and feel comfortable that there are some serious gains out there to be had.

Our alert for Thursday is in the Bio-Tech industry which tends to produce some good trades.

The company’s latest acquisition is being billed as “The Steal of the Century” by some.

The stock has also shown the ability to bring traders profits in the past, meaning once this one is alerted to the public there should be a HUGE audience interested, which could bring an influx of buyers, and ultimately allow traders some awesome profit opportunities.

Let’s get right to it!

Our alert for Thursday is Nuvilex, Inc., NVLX
The stock closed Wednesday at 14.4 cents

NVLX is an international biotechnology provider of live, therapeutically valuable, encapsulated cells and services for research and medicine.

There’s recent news stating, NVLX’s latest acquisition “Could turn out to be the steal of the century and worth billions”

NVLX’s acquisition, Bio Blue Bird AG and more importantly, its worldwide licenses associated with the live-cell encapsulation platform technology to develop treatments for all cancer types – and that’s exactly what the company got.

This news alone could not only dramatically enhance NVLX’s pipeline, but could draw a number of big name pharmaceutical and biotech companies to NVLX’s door. The key, of course, is NVLX’s future Phase III pancreatic cancer trials.

Goldman Small Cap Research recently stated NVLX is reminiscent of some of the Greatest Biotechnology Success Stories of the past 20 years including the “original biotechnology company Genetech.”

Look, do we know or even think that this company will be a huge success? Not sure.

But we do think this story will really excite traders and investors, and that’s all we need for winning trade.

So make sure NVLX is on top of your watchlist Thursday morning!

Free Stock TipsAs always, do your own research, don’t chase gaps, use limit orders to enter positions, always use stop loss orders to protect your position, and take profits when you are in a position to do so.

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