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17 May 2013

Hi Everybody,

So we got back to our winning ways on Thursday, as the alert made gains as high as 35% and it made its major run midday hopefully giving loads of you easy profit opportunities.

But we’re not satisfied, we want to bring you one more big gainer before next week.

We are bringing back the play that brought readers up to 66% gains last Friday.

The stock is back around the price we alerted it last week, and looks like it will be receiving the same kind of exposure campaign that made is such a big winner last Friday.

So get ready for another fun Friday!

Our alert for Friday is Neologic Animation, Inc., NANI
The stock closed Thursday at $0.0095.

NANI is an educational software development and marketing company; currently developing a website to be marketed as “Naniya World” for primary school students in China.

The website’s goal is to educate children how to develop and hone their creative skills through interactive educational games that incorporate Adobe Flash. The games incorporate a curriculum that has been developed by some of China’s top professors and child psychology experts.

It sets itself apart from other after school programs in China because it deviates from the traditional methods of Chinese education.

Recently, NANI announced they will begin seeking to reach other countries besides China.

NANI is looking to grab a slice of a rather large market; the worldwide market for eLearning products and services reached $32.1 billion in 2010. The five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 9.2% and revenues are expected to grow to $49.9 billion by 2015.

NANI has already begun trying to grab that slice by adding the China Driver Club, the country’s largest professional motor vehicle driver’s club to the Company’s growing network of agents.

The deal is estimated to bring NANI sales income of over $3.9 million.

That is a solid enough story to get investors excited.

But, as we say we’re not as interested in the story as we are the stock.

NANI is a sub-penny stock, that has traded as high as 19 cents in the past year.

The stock has been relatively quiet as its come back down to the area we alerted it last Friday. As NANI reaches millions of investors Friday, we could see activity pick up dramatically, which can bring us some huge gains…especially since it is a sub-penny stock.

NANI could be our most exciting alert of the week, and considering the action this week’s alerts have seen, that’s saying something!

Make sure NANI is on top of your watchlist!

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