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4 Mar 2013

Hi Everybody!

From a strong finish last week, to a strong beginning this week, Monday’s alert looks like another solid winner.

The company has a revolutionary product and recently announced some exciting distribution agreements.

The stock is currently trading in a channel and with millions of investors learning about this stock Monday could signal a breakout from it’s channel.

Our alert for Monday is Eco-Tek Group Inc., ETEK and the stock closed Friday at 64 cents.

ETEK makes environmentally friendly lubricants and filtration systems for the automotive, transportation, agricultural and industrial markets, which have proven to dramatically reduce harmful hydrocarbon emissions while substantially lowering fuel and oil consumption.

One of ETEK‘s products, ECOTEK SUPER-LUBRICANT, reportedly reduces engine friction better than anything else on the market.

This is a fantastic product that reportedly delivers the following benefits:

* 12% increase in horsepower
* Up to 36% decrease in fuel consumption
* Up to 62% reduction in exhaust pollutants
* All for less than 1/10th cent per mile.

Assuming the average car goes 6,000 miles between oil changes and assuming $3.60 per gallon of gas and an 18 MPG fuel efficiency, check out these numbers:

* Annual savings of $1,728.00 per car.
* 12% more horsepower.
* Up to 62% less junk polluting our environment.
In a country where we demand high performance, and world becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of carbon emissions, a product like ETEK’s could be revolutionary!

Another one of ETEK‘s products is its Bypass Oil Filtration system for Class 8 trucks, which reportedly slashes operating costs by an incredible $1,517.30 per truck, PER month.  This is serious.

There are an estimated 3.5 million class 8 trucks operating in North America and currently only about 6% of them use a By-Pass Filtration system. This represents a huge, untapped market for ETEK.

This ETEK product reportedly increases oil Life up to 3 times and reduces oil costs by 66%!

In other news, ETEK announced about two weeks ago that they are entering the multi-billion dollar household lubricant market. This could be huge for the company, as they compete with brands such as WD40.  But unlike WD40, ETEK’s SL4000 Household Super Lubricant is non-toxic, non-flammable, odorless and can be stored in a non-pressurized applicator.  It is amazing.

Just last week ETEK announced an agreement with Sra. Melinda Manzano for the exclusive representation and distribution of all ETEK products into Chile, South America., and for introduction to several large mining companies based in Chile.

This is an exciting story, as millions of investors learn about this ETEK should be active.

ETEK has been trading in a channel, and with this new activity should be poised to breakout on Monday.

Get ready to go, and have ETEK on top of your watchlist.

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