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9 Apr 2015

Hi Everybody,

We’ve been having a great week so far. Today’s alert may be the best one yet!

This company is starting to hit some major radars. It’s seeing a lot of interest because of its potential in the fast growing digital advertising and mobile applications market.

The company also has over $6 million in the bank so it’s poised for expansion.

Our alert for Thursday is:
SPYR, Inc.
Ticker symbol: SPYR
Last price: $0.65

SPYR is a holding company, that through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Franklin Networks, is engaged in digital publishing and advertising operations.

SPYR currently owns and operates nine websites focused on topics including, food, travel, fitness, nutrition, fashion and parenting.

By creating valuable and sharable content on these sites, SPYR will be able to leverage the traffic and synergies between the sites to offer advertisers package deals on secondary markets.

In case you haven’t noticed this whole “internet advertising” thing is kind of a big deal.

Online ad sales continue to register double-digit percentage growth year over year. In 2013, online ad sales rose 17 percent to $42.8 billion up from $26 billion in 2010 and only $9.6 billion in 2004. In the U.S., the total digital advertising spend alone will rise to more than $52 billion in 2015 and will climb to more than $61 billion by 2017. It is numbers like this that explain why the transition by SPYR into the digital publishing space makes a whole lot of sense.

Oh, and they’ve also entered into the mobile app space with the creation of SPYR APPS LLC.?

The timing is perfect to enter the multi-billion dollar apps and games industry. A recent article highlighting the apps industry found that by 2017, it’s expected that over 268 billion app downloads will generate $77 billion worth of revenue. The article points out that in 2015 alone, 1 billion smartphones will be purchased. The popularity of the smartphone isn’t slowing down, and with it the popularity of downloading apps is growing exponentially.

With numbers like that it’s clear to see why even the digital games industry has gone mobile. The mobile apps industry is expected to grow 16.5 percent in 2015 with gaming apps accounting for over 30 percent of the U.S. mobile content market in 2015.

Not to mention that the company is cash positive, with over $6 million in the bank! Meaning they already have capital in place which is more than most OTC companies can say.

With all this going on it’s not hard to see why investors are flocking to SPYR.

Make sure you’re ready to book your profits with SPYR!

Free Stock TipsAs always, do your own research, don’t chase gaps, use limit orders to enter positions, always use stop loss orders to protect your position, and take profits when you are in a position to do so.

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