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13 Mar 2013

Hi Everybody,

Another alert, another price gain and opportunities for profit. Tuesdays alert was up as much as 22% at one point and traded back and forth nicely all morning giving nimble traders a chance to book some profits.

***** QUICK LESSON *******
When there is enough liquidity in a stock try placing limit orders to BUY stock on or just above the BID and SELL orders on or just below the ASK.  Not all orders will get executed and sometimes you will miss one but when trading these stocks better entry and exits really add up.

Let’s keep the profits rolling with our alert for Wednesday.

This company has distribution agreements with TARGET, K-MART, COSTCO, and WALMART to name a few of the companies.

Some SERIOUS revenue potential and name recognition.

Our alert for Wednesday is Southern Products, Inc., SNPD

The stock closed Tuesday at 24 cents.

SNPD is a manufacturer of high quality, mid-priced flat-panel televisions and electronics to be sold through big-box retailers and major e-commerce sites.

SNPD is producing 20 flat-panel televisions models for distribution through Target, K-Mart,, Tiger Direct, Newegg and

SNPD’s products will be available at the highest grossing electronics companies in the world with billions of dollars in combined revenue between them.

SNPD’s TVs have all the same capabilities as Samsung, Sony, and LG at a price consumers find attractive!

SNPD actually uses many LG components in its line of Sigmac flat-screen televisions.

SNPD announced a new agreement Monday they expect “may add as much as $600,000 to our bottom line”

SNPD makes a great product, being sold by the biggest retailers and expects to be making more money.

Sounds like a story that could bring in new buyers.

Make sure SNPD is on top of your watchlist Wednesday morning!

Free Stock TipsAs always, do your own research, don’t chase gaps, use limit orders to enter positions, always use stop loss orders to protect your position, and take profits when you are in a position to do so.

Good Trading

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