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26 Mar 2013

Hi Everybody,

Another solid winner as Monday’s alert saw highs up 20%.

Our alert for Tuesday is in a niche market, that generates millions of revenue yearly and is largely unheard of but that is all about to change.

We think when it does, there is sure to be increased volatility and that’s exactly what we are looking for.

Our alert for Tuesday is NightCulture Inc., NGHT

The stock closed Monday at 11 cents.

NGHT produces, markets and executes large music events particularly in Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festivals..

You may think that sounds like a strange business but before you dismiss it out of hand lets take a look at the numbers.

These events draw crowds ranging from 10,000 to hundreds of thousands of fans. These fans pay BIG DOLLARS for their tickets as well. Ticket fees range from $100 dollars and up. When you add in food and merchandise you can see how the numbers add up quickly.

Here are numbers from an economic impact study of the 3-day Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Nevada.

• Local attendees spent an average of $249.45 per day.
• Non-locals spent more than $310 per day.
• 230,000 plus people attended.
• Tickets were sold out 73 days before this show!

The study estimated a total economic impact to the county was well over $100 million dollars!!

These events are big business as you can now see.

Now lets get back to NGHT.

NGHT has produced hundreds of concerts featuring the hottest names in EDM, including Tiesto, David Guetta, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Armin van Buren, Benny Bassai, of the Black Eyed Peas, and many others. (you may not know many or any of these artists but ask your kids about them)

Here are a few more reasons to like NGHT:
NGHT owns its own venue; Stereo Live, a 25,000 square foot venue located on 2 1/2 acres of land in Houston, Texas.

The venue allows them to hold events on a regular basis. For example, NGHT is promoting 10 events for the month of April alone. Cha Ching!!

In addition, NGHT produces two branded music festivals a year, Meltdown Music Festival in Dallas, TX and Something Wicked Halloween Festival in Houston, TX that expect to draw big crowds.

OK, Now to the stock. NGHT’ has come back to it’s historic support area. You will notice that when it does, the stock has rallied from here.

The stock has made moves of 100%, 300% and 500% over the last year alone from this area.

So with the fact that millions of investors set to learn about NGHT Monday night, and event season is about to kick off which means NGHT should be coming out with a lot of announcements, NGHT may be in a perfect position to start it’s next rally from this area.

Make sure NGHT is on top of your watchlist Tuesday morning.

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