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12 Sep 2013

Hi Everybody,

Another alert, another winner.

Wednesday’s alert was up as high as 25% and closed near it’s high. The stock gave savvy traders several profit opportunities through the day as it moved up and down.

Congratulations to everyone who booked a profit.

Now on to the next one.

Thursday’s alert is a sub-penny, which can be the most exciting kind of stock to trade, with small price gains bringing large percentage returns.

It’s a company that specializes in repairing homes in Florida, and we are in the middle of hurricane season, making it a timely alert.

Let’s get right to it.

Our alert for Thursday is Foodfest International 2000, Inc., FDFT
The stock closed Wednesday at $0.0019.

FDFT subsidiary, Restore Force, Inc. serves Palm Beach County, Florida, with its damage restoration services, including water damage restoration, mold remediation and fire damage restoration.

FDFT also provides re-construction services following its initial restoration efforts.

FDFT is in the perfect region for this kind of business.

As everyone is aware, Florida is known for hurricanes, tropical storms, and serious flood damage.

The state of Florida has been visited by some of the most damaging and destructive hurricanes on record in the United States. They have created well over $450 billion in damage since the early 20th century.

Last year Hurricane Isaac severely flooded South Florida in August 2012.

Throughout the state, damage reached approximately $91.45 million.

There is some serious money to be made there.

FDFT is beginning to make a good name for themselves in the area as well.

FDFT has been on Angie’s List since 2010 and is available to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

FDFT is at the forefront of a major sector that has a ton of growth potential in the very near future.

It’s a great time for FDFT to be starting an awareness campaign in the middle of hurricane season. Traders love trading companies that have ‘timely’ stories.

On top of the timing, the stock is a subpenny meaning it has some MAJOR potential for HUGE gains.

As investors learn about this story Thursday morning, and it starts seeing some liquidity, we could see the volatility we need for big profits.

Make sure FDFT is sitting on top of your watchlist Thursday morning.

Free Stock TipsAs always, do your own research, don’t chase gaps, use limit orders to enter positions, always use stop loss orders to protect your position, and take profits when you are in a position to do so.

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