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11 Mar 2013

Hi Everybody,

What a run we had last week, with three solid winners capped off with Friday’s 32% gainer.

Hopefully everyone raked in some profits!

Let’s keep that train rolling into this week.

We start off Monday with a play that has yet to see a ton of activity.

You know what that means?

When it does this thing’s going to be very volatile and could make some HUGE gains quickly.

With several groups spotlighting this company on Monday we could see that activity.

Our alert for Monday is Earth Dragon Resources, Inc., EARH

The stock closed Friday at $0.32.

EARH recently launched a strategic plan to locate and recover refined metals from cargo ships, numbering in the thousands, lost at sea throughout the world’s oceans during World Wars One and Two. Present estimates of the value of these lost shipments of metals exceed $100 billion.

EARH‘s subsidiary, Project X, entered into a new joint venture agreement with Deep Marine Salvage to salvage cargo from certain identified shipwrecks.
The joint venture was formed for the financing and salvage of 3 World War I shipwrecks, which the Company’s management believes to contain cargo consisting of precious metals.

EARH has a lot going their way right now:

-If gold and silver prices were to remain around today’s levels, EARH could potentially receive up to approximately 650 mln usd from the recovery assuming 100% of the cargo on all 3 wrecks is salvaged.

-The UK government already issued 3 licenses for these wrecks to the EARH‘s joint venture partner. This is massive news as obtaining a license can often be one of the largest issues facing deep-sea treasure salvage operations.

-Research indicates a large amount of gold cargo on 2 wrecks and silver cargo on the third.

-With recovery operations on their salvage targets scheduled to begin in May 2013 the Company may not be too far away from a potentially enormous discovery.

Odyssey Marine Exploration, one of the largest shipwreck salvaging companies in the world, discovered the US Civil War era shipwreck of the SS Republic and recovered over 50,000 coins and 14,000 artifacts from the site with an estimated value of $180 million.

The value of the EARH‘s target shipwrecks reach far beyond that of the SS Republic.

Part of why EARH is such a unique opportunity is that they have already been granted 3 licenses by the UK government to salvage all 3 of the wrecks.

The number of shipwrecks that could potentially be loaded full of treasure is mind boggling. During WWI alone, hundreds of ships carrying thousands of tons of valuable cargo were lost to enemy action. The Germans and their Allies were highly effective as they sunk over 2,828 of the 5,100 merchant ships lost, with a total of 21,570,720 tons of shipping.

During WWII the total value of all cargo lost is estimated at over $80 billion at today’s prices.

These are some HUGE potential numbers…

Last time EARH’s stock traded significant volume the stock made a 150% move.

Monday could be the start of an even larger run for EARH.

Make sure EARH is at the top of your watchlist for Monday.

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