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30 Jan 2013

Hi Everybody,

Well, it’s been a quiet week for us so far.  But after bringing you 3 plays last week we figured we’d wait a bit to get you another idea.

Thursday’s alert seems like the perfect opportunity for us to get back to our winning ways.

A company with a technology that could “revolutionize” the always lucrative healthcare, and more specifically drug market.

Healthcare stocks have been known to make big runs, and this relatively new stock has already shown some volatility.

Get ready for a big day Thursday!

Here’s the information to get you started:

Our alert for Thursday is Crown Marketing, Inc., CWNM

The stock closed Wednesday at 11.9 cents.

CWNM Controlled Drug Delivery Technology (CDDT) is a novel controlled-release technology.

Last December, CWNM announced that its Controlled Drug Delivery Technology “has the potential to revolutionize the manner in which we take oral medication,” a Dec. 19 press release stated.

So what is this controlled drug delivery technology?

Basically, according to CWNM traditional drug delivery is like carpet-bombing. Targets can be destroyed, but there is often enormous collateral damage. Whereas, controlled drug delivery technology is the equivalent of GPS-guided smart bombs that target the disease with pinpoint accuracy.

This precision has many benefits. It prevents a huge amount of waste that is expensive, both in monetary and health terms. Moreover, it increases the effectiveness of many pharmaceuticals by putting more of a drug where it is needed.

One way CWNM is looking to generate revenue is through assisting pharmaceutical companies in their lifecycle management strategies to extend patent life for blockbuster drugs.

With fewer products in the pipeline and blockbuster drugs edging towards the patent cliff, strategies that can extend the commercial life of mature brands are critical to bio-pharmaceutical companies today. Used properly, Lifecycle Management strategies can add several additional years of patent protection and billions of dollars of revenue for mature brands.

CWNM could benefit greatly by providing these companies the opportunity to earn several billion dollars than they would otherwise.

CWNM’s drug delivery technology could also have global market opportunities.
In recent weeks, the company announced a Japanese patent application that has been “approved and registered,” and that its patent counsel in India has filed a statement regarding the working of the patented invention on a commercial scale in India.

Notice that most of these announcements have been recent. CWNM is still relatively new and has shown some excellent volatility already making one run that netted investors. Which is something we love finding in these OTC plays.

Currently just above what we would call support at about a dime CWNM is well off its high of 30 cents.

Looking to be a bit oversold here with most people who had profited and then bought on its original run to 30 cents out of the picture, CWNM looks to be in a great position to make another run.

Get yourself in a position to profit with CWNM.

Free Stock TipsAs always, do your own research, don’t chase gaps, use limit orders to enter positions, always use stop loss orders to protect your position, and take profits when you are in a position to do so.

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