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22 Jan 2013

Hi Everybody,

Today’s alert, BLDW, has released some huge news today!

They have entered into a “strategic alliance” that will help the company become a full service, Green Energy solution provider.

This news could help get the stock off of this support.

Be ready to go!

(Here’s the release)

Building Turbines’ New Partner ATG-LED, Announces Sale of Approximately $250,000 to Physicians Center Project, in Houston, TX

Building Turbines, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of patented, innovative commercial rooftop wind turbine systems, issued a statement today, that BLDW has entered into a strategic alliance with ATG-LED, to provide a total LED lighting solution, designed to complement all wind turbine sales, and is the next step in BLDW becoming a full service, Green Energy solution provider. BLDW will be a distributor for products and/or services of ATG-LED. In the Physicians Center project, which BLDW is providing 10 turbines at more than $270,000, ATG-LED has secured a sale, of approximately $250,000 for interior LED lighting.
An LED lamp is a solid-state lamp that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the source of light. LED lamps are very durable, and offer an incredibly long service life. They are very energy efficient; providing up to a 60% reduction in power consumption, while providing the same amount of light, as measured in lumens. At present, fluorescent lighting is the primary lighting source for the majority of interior areas in facilities; such as, office buildings, schools, hospitals, stores, hotels, garages, warehouses and factories. An LED tube upgrade produces light more than twice as efficient as fluorescent tubes, are non-toxic, virtually unbreakable, and require no ballast maintenance and/or upgrade, resulting in instant electrical savings to the end user.
John Graham, CEO of Building Turbines, commented: “I am very excited about our new relationship with ATG-LED. ATG-LED is one of several companies that Paul Getty is bringing to Building Turbines that will offer a tremendous source of new revenues; as well as, introduce us to an entirely new customer base. The addition of ATG-LED products and services is a natural progression in the direction that we see BLDW heading: A Full-Service Green Energy Solution Provider for smart, self-sufficient, green facilities.”

About Building Turbines, Inc.
Based in Austin, Texas, Building Turbines, Inc. is a renewable energy company focused primarily on designing, manufacturing and deploying patented revolutionary rooftop mounted, horizontal-axis wind turbines that can bring the dream of clean, affordable wind energy to a reality. The turbines are mounted on a strong steel frame, with a low rooftop signature, requiring minimal maintenance, and generating almost no noise or vibration.

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